More financial resources would help our project to grow faster and thus, we would have a larger positive impact on the rainforest around us. Being more comfortable financially will also allow us to focus more quickly on another important part of the project, education. We could, after getting completely independent, teach all local farmers how to increase their yields without damaging our Earth and stealing spaces from animals and eco-systems.

It is possible to support our project through donation. We are grateful for any donation, no matter its amount, because every single cent brings us closer to our dream.

It is very important for us that you know precisely in what your money will be invested. For this reason, when donating, you will have the opportunity to choose which part of the project you would like to support. If you wish to contribute with a larger amount of money, you will then have the possibility to get mentioned in our community history in the form of a Thank You… forever engraved in the rock.

If after all you do not mention any specific wish with your donation, our project will be realized in the following way:

Firstly, we will start building the Healing Centre. This will make us financially autonomous very quickly. Secondly, we will design a structured and real volunteering program. Following this, we will create learning and experiencing spaces for all the community. Everything we would build up afterwards will depend on our resources and the wishes of NatureVibes Village´s inhabitants.


Farm and sanctuary

Our sanctuary will be a refuge for all injured or lost animal, no matter its specie. Peru is known to be the country with the highest diversity of birds worldwide and 120 different sorts of them have only been seen there. This variety never stops increasing as new species are discovered regularly. In total, 1800 different kinds of birds live here as well as 500 types of mammals. Therefore, we do not want to limit our sanctuary to one kind of animal and wish to bring help wherever it is needed.

Our desire is to help animals recover before giving them back to Mother Earth.

But, to make this dream happen, we will need accommodation for them, food (that is not growing on our property) and medical primary care.

Regularly, monkeys are victims of violent crimes in Peru. Entire families are getting killed or kidnapped by hunters in order to be eaten. We really want to fight against these crimes by giving these peaceful creatures a safe home before letting them free again.

If, unfortunately, an animal cannot go back to its natural environment, we will give him a permanent home in our farm. To be able to achieve this, we will need room to fit them all, food and hands to take care of them and the place they live in.

In the future, we will create an animal sponsorship program.

Healing centre (construction and extension)

The faster NatureVibes Village’s healing centre will be able to organise retreats, seminars and festivals, the faster our community will get financially independent and will invest 50% of the income into new rainforest lands.

Because our deepest desire is to protect the forest, we want to build the centre as fast as possible. It will give us the opportunity to help the people around us and will be our megaphone to the world: If we heal ourselves, we help each other, thanks to this Nature heals and everyone profits! This success will shine around the globe and will, hopefully, inspire other positive projects.

The Healing centre is the heart of our project and nothing is possible without it.

Recovery oasis

Small, beautiful and peaceful oasis will be created on NatureVibes Village’s land. These spaces will be there thanks to you and to honour you. They will allow their visitors to breath and relax, away from any trouble. These places will give us the energy and inspiration we need and will give birth to new revolutionary ideas. All of this, in the small oasis named after you.

When donating minimum 500€, we will create an oasis for you to remember your generosity with infinite love and gratitude.

Tree sponsorship

Out of a small seed can grow a gigantic and beautiful tree. We can plant a sapling for you in our soil to create your own amazing tree here in the NatureVibes Village. It will, then, have a memorial board remembering your generosity. Every sponsored tree will get updated every year on our website to allow you to follow its growth.

If you have any specific wishes considering your tree, please inform us with your donation.

Tree sponsorship starts with 100€ donations.


Education and support in the region

The region where the NatureVibes Village finds its roots is characterized by an intense monoculture activity and an over usage of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. Farmers do not get fair wages for their hard work and feel forced to chop off more trees as soon as their soil is completely damaged by the way they produce. These farmers don’t know anything about organic and sustainable agriculture! But the problem is on another level; their contact. Who would fairly buy greener products? For this reason, we want to become a mediator and supporter for all local farmers.

Our goal is to teach the farmers to give them the option to initiate positive projects for them and their environment. We also want to give them the chance to buy non-GMO seeds.

In this kind of cycle, everyone wins and you could play an important role in it by your donation.

Investing into new land

Thanks to our healing centre, the objective is not only to be financially autonomous but is also to invest 50% of its income into new land in order to save more rainforest fields.

It is already possible to support us and help us rescuing more hectares of forest, in the best case, direct neighbouring land. We will do more than just saving these beautiful places. We will, by protecting forest, give the chance to animals to live on large spaces, naturally needed. A great deal of species require enormous fields in order to feed themselves and reproduce properly. Giving them these fields will stop them destroying other eco-systems.

On the other side, the land we will not be able to protect by ourselves will be taken in hand by the local farmers and native tribes aware of permaculture benefits.

Designing our volunteering program

The NatureVibes Village volunteering program will spread our existence around the globe. It will bring more souls to us and will sensitize people to our values everywhere in the world. In addition to that, thanks to the hands it will bring us, we will be able to work faster on all our projects. Our community will embody a learning and experiencing place for all its volunteers. They will be able to practice and discover their talents while experiencing life in a community.

If we can impress our visitors with our ideas, maybe then they will be inspired and invigorated to carry those strong values around the world in order to help create a better world.

Because we deeply wish to welcome volunteers as soon as possible, we will, at first, build up a camping ground. Thereafter, we will invest time and energy into building real welcoming buildings.

Greener cities

This part of our utopia is not quite ready yet and needs us to work on it a little bit more. The idea though would not only to shape greener cities but also to make them „edible“.

This part of the project is one of the trickiest one as we will not be able to step into the cities, make them greener and change people’s lifestyle. For this reason, it is very important that we build ourselves a good reputation in order to connect with the people. We also wish to become politically active in our region and spread our ideas through the political system.

Asphalt Pflanze

Forschung und Entwicklung

In vielen Bereichen sind wir Pioniere und erschaffen ein ganz neues Konzept. Daher ist aktuell unser Forschungs- und Entwicklungsdrang gefragt. Dinge müssen zum ersten Mal erschaffen und ausprobiert werden. Manches wird funktionieren, vieles muss überdacht werden, aber eins ist uns klar. So wie es aktuell auf der Welt läuft, kann es nicht weitergehen. Deswegen möchten wir Konzepte für grüne und „essbare“ Städte erschaffen, die den modernen Menschen und die Natur in ein harmonisches Gleichgewicht bringen.

Consequently, we are working on greener and „edible“ city design allying modern people and Mother Earth.

In the future, we will work on the following themes:

  • green and edible cities
  • permaculture
  • material research
  • renewable energies
  • compostable greenhouses
  • plastic’s alternatives
  • native resources


It might sound surprising for you, but the workshop will be the NatureVibes Village heart. Everything will find a usage, screws, nails tools etc. because all buildings and things have to be built up and maintained.

Thanks to a fully operational workshop, the healing centre, farm, sanctuary and recovery oasis will be built and maintained.

Learning, creation and experience spaces

Human beings do not only have basic and financial needs. They also need to experience and share their talents with the world. Spaces allowing free expression, practice and creativity are then essential in order to let us live our passions.

At first, we will focus completely on children. Our goal is to give them a safe place where they will be able to let their curiosity free. This space will then require material such as books, music instruments, sport and creative tools.

This creative sanctuary will allow anyone to happily learn and develop skills through playing. As adults, if we relearn to live in a world made out of games, it would then be easier for us to face our lives and we would experiment new things every day!

Support and help adults and children to experience and discover

Here’s the link to our contact form.

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