NatureVibes Village

The NatureVibes Village is our project. Our desire is to establish, in Peru, in the middle of the mountain-jungle, a community, a place where we would all be able to grow and heal as one. The NatureVibes Village will be a safe space allowing anyone to experience and show their true self. Thereby, it is important for us to forge a welded community, to create a strong unity feeling amongst our people and guests. To achieve this, we will hold spiritual activities and rituals together such as meditation sessions, making music, dancing and talking circles… but will also design safe exchange and sharing places.
By taking good care of our family estates as well as the surrounding rainforest, the NatureVibes Village should be a space of deep and absolute love. Along with this, this land will nourish our physical, mental and spiritual essences. Through respect and love to Mother Earth, we heal ourselves and heal Her.
The NatureVibes Village will embody an example to all future communities as a successful creation, and will share with them the keys of success.
We make the changes necessary inside us because, no matter where we go, we are proudly displaying it and sharing it around.
If we are rooted in Self love, and love for our surroundings, we grow and heal. This healing and spiritual growth changes the Morphogenetic Field: When our vibrations grow and increase, the vibes of our environment rise at the same time. Thereby, the whole vibration of Humankind and Mother Earth will find themselves grown and beautified.
„Heal Yourself and Heal the World“ – Emil Duprée

How will the NatureVibes Village act?

We wish to live in a community where all members feel responsible for themselves, but also for their environment.

The NatureVibes Village will have a distinctive way to run:
First of all, it’s operation will be based on communication and the feeling of belonging to a community. Therefore, we will try to apply a maximum of non-violent communication keys and concepts in order to establish a proactive and healthy conversation between us.

Secondly, our community will be completely self-sufficient and will be able to provide food, water and electricity to all its inhabitants. We have started producing our own energy via solar panels. Thanks to the abundant resources flourishing on our property, water and sun, we will easily be able to produce enough current for all.

Another important point of our project is the complete protection of the surrounding rainforest. Consequently, we will keep investing in new lands in order to save all trees and ecosystems from industries and monoculture. This will help us to gather all needed circumstances for rebalancing all weakened ecosystems. At the same time, saving more lands will make our community larger and spread our values around.

Our goal is to live in perfect symbiosis with Nature, only relying on Her for sustenance. For this reason, we decided to go for a plant-based diet provided by permaculture-designed agriculture. We will also take great care of all mineral resources that have been given to us and will bring a valuable contribution to Mother Nature. Therefore, the ownership of animals with a meat production intention is obsolete.

The NatureVibes Village will also have a Health and Healing centre on its land, offering retreats based on yoga, fasting and meditation. The goal will be to provide Holistic healing for mind, body, and soul. 50% of the centre income will be used to buy more land, maintain the property and for reforestation.

Life on our land has to be as respectful as possible to nature. Thus, it will be very important for us not to consume any common chemical hygienic products. ALL members and guests are required to use only organic hygienic, washing and cosmetic articles. It will be the same for the materials we would use to build our houses. We deeply desire to not use plastic and non-organic resources. For this reason, we endeavour to make our facilities from sustainable materials such as wood and clay.

We attach great importance to a sense of community and communication with each other is therefore important for us to communicate with one another in a heart-centred manner

What do we do for our environment?

Peru is known to be a country that deforests a great deal of its precious rainforest spaces to plant Monoculture fields. Farmers are then using chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on these new empty areas attempting to maximise their yield. This massive deforestation as well as the terrible habit of using high chemical products deeply contaminates our soil and destroys all surrounding nature.


By the great yield it ensures, Permaculture is able to provide healthy solutions for the increasing demand of food without any need of chemical substances. In other words, the techniques it uses (by planting different seedlings in a particular way) creates a supportive system where all members are strengthened and able to face pests as one. After this, composting is even able to heal the earth previously damaged by chemicals! It allows bacteria, insects and animals to give back essential nutrients to the soil and, then makes the land fertile again.
Why is our project so important?
The number of human beings on our planet never stops increasing. Every day, every second, our population rises all around the globe. Some conclusions are to be made, in the near future, we will not be able to feed everyone and offer a viable space for all. The present system that governs our world, Monoculture, is glaringly ineffective. It is deeply flawed and unable to combine an intelligent management of our territories and a sustainable and viable food production for all. Terrible disasters have resulted from its usage. The two big „lungs“ of our planet are slowly perishing: our forests are being cut down and seas completely polluted.
Thus, permaculture presents to be the only usable solution in order to face this exponential increase. Undoubtedly, there is an urgent necessity to enhance our way of producing goods, food and power by putting in place some new, ecological and inventive strategies. For this reason, we want not only to apply all these solutions on our land, but also to share them with the local farmers who show interest. This will help radiate the Permacultural Revolution.
We would love to help the Peruvian farmers realise that working with nature, and not against it, is a much more viable solution for the future – Humans, plants and animals alike, via events such as summer fétes and festivals. Peruvians seem unaware of Peru‘s riches. The majority of them are untiringly trying to sell fruits, vegetables or goods to collect enough money in order to buy what they need to survive. At this point, unfortunately, the majority of farmers´ method of dealing with the land is „slash and burn“… the use of monoculture in combination with over-fertilization, herbicides and insecticides unbalances the local ecosystem, and when the land is depleted, further intact rainforest has to give way for new monoculture cultivation.  But the truth is there: The land IS undoubtedly able to provide them all resources and food they need in their daily life, as it did their ancestors. Harvests from permaculture fields could not only give them what they need to live, but also produce surplus enough to exchange for what they do not grow/produce.
We wish to embody an example, to show the way. To prove that change starts with every single person, living and working together, developing our connections to Mother Earth, with a desire to live as one. Let’s blossom together and give the “lungs” of our beautiful planet a chance to not only survive, but to grow and blossom with us.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture creates symbiosis with all existence. It is a concept but also a life philosophy that connects plants, animals, soil, water management and human needs to design complex networks and productive sustainable systems. It is possible to give nutrients back to the earth through symbiotic planting, worm farms, composting/fertilizing and using compost toilets … It is then thanks to different strategies that we will be able to design systems allowing the NatureVibes Village to produce a maximum amount of resources without damaging our soil and land.

Here’s the link to our contact form.

Feel free to contact us at any time. Help of any kind is always welcome! A hand, here in Peru, on our verdant land or a small donation if our unique project touched your heart and resonates with your soul.