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Before we found our property, we first had to tell the universe what we were looking for. Some criteria were clear to us from the beginning, others we have recognized when we visited properties. Only from the moment our vision was completely determined could our dream property manifest. We advise everybody who wants to create a community to ask the following questions.

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How can you reach the property?

Depending on how you want to move and to what extent you are dependent on existing infrastructures, the accessibility and the road condition to the property is very important.

Our property can be reached on the most difficult passage on a gravel road. You drive over some bridges and also through a small stream. The gravel road is so well that we have no obstacles on our way.

How far are infrastructures like market, school hospitals and the next village?

It takes 45 minutes by car or motocaro to reach the next big city with markets for food and building materials, a hospital and schools.

The next village is about 10 minutes away. If there is a school in this village is not known to us. Information on compulsory education and how we want to train our children can be found here.

How should the climate be on the property?

It should be subtropical, but it is also good to have a mountain and different altitudes. Thus, we have a different climate in the different heights and can use this for our permaculture cultivation. We hope to cultivate strawberries and also great mangos, papayas, pineapples, …. The list is long.

We have found a wonderful property, which varies by the mountain in the altitude between 600m to 900m.

What are the positions of the sun?

It is important to ask yourself how many hours of sun you have during the day and at what time of the year? Are the hours of sunshine influenced by a mountain?

We have perfect sunny conditions on our property with an average high of 30 ° C and an average low of 20 ° C.

How should the water supply be guaranteed?

In Germany, we got the best quality water from fresh springs, such as the Kinderbrunnen in the Harz, as well as the best bottled water in Europe for 1.09€ per liter and an ingenious water treatment system (more here). Thus we knew that we would like to have a water quality of under 90 Microsiemes on our property.

On our property we have a source with a Microsiemes value of 10, one with 15 and one with 29.

We haven´t surveyed the entire property yet. So far, we have seen 9 sources and they flow year-round. In addition, we have a wide river with a fork, through which we own two islands. The islands have not been visited or surveyed. First and foremost, we will build a bridge and be inspired later. We also have our own sandy beach.

How much rainfall is in the area?

A tropical climate also implies more rainfall. Here it is necessary to know how much rain and humidity for us, our cultivation and our property, is good or harmless.

Our property is located in an area where precipitation and rainfall are very balanced. Due to the natural gradient, it is possible to make sensible use of moisture. Likewise, heavy humid air can escape.

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Is the property contaminated with environmental toxins?

Depending on what kind of terrain you are looking for or what has been cultivated on a property and in what way, the site can also be heavily contaminated with environmental toxins.

On our property has been cultivated 1 ha of cocoa. We were told that this cocoa has been organically grown. However, we also found some pesticide plastic bottles on the property. Therefore, you can not rely on the statement of the seller to 100% and should see what kind of plant life on the cultivated land.

On our property are about 30 ha of forest and 10 ha of flat area has been processed narrow. Since so far only on 1 ha has been cultivated we can say with great certainty that the remainder is unloaded.

How is the soil on the property?

The nature of the soil is very important because not every plant grows on every soil. For example, since you need to work on mineral-poor soil much longer, so that it can become black mother- soil again, we believe that you should just ask yourself on every project, how and where do I want to work? Because from every soil you can create fertile ground again.

We are fortunate that both black soil, a swampy area and clay soil are on our property.

How big should the property be?

The required size of a property is defined by the number of people living there, the space required for self-sufficiency with permaculture cultivation, as well as the project idea.

We would like to give 10-20 families the opportunity to live on their own family estate in permaculture and realize their own vision. We also plan the creation of a healing and retreat center. A very important aspect of our project is rainforest protection. Therefore, we would like to devote three quarters of the property to this protection. Through our local presence we can ensure that the forest remains untouched and no exploitation takes place.

For now our property covers a total area of ​​40 ha.

Is there a possibility to expand?

If a community is interested in continuing to grow and therefore needs more land, it is interesting to see if the neighboring properties are up for sale in the foreseeable future.

We want to continue to grow with the NatureVibes Village and buy more and more rainforest areas. It is very likely that our neighbors want to sell land and we can thereby buy more adjacent land.

Here’s the link to our contact form.

Feel free to contact us at any time. Help of any kind is always welcome! A hand, here in Peru, on our verdant land or a small donation if our unique project touched your heart and resonates with your soul.

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