To become a Member

Requirements to become part of the NatureVibes Village?

If you want to become part of the NatureVibes Village, you should first of all study our website. Here you can find out more about our wishes and ideas. If these wishes and ideas agree with yours, you should complete the questionnaire in the next step. Please stay as honest as possible with the questionnaire. It makes no sense to hide things that come to light at some point in the community anyway. So you save yourself and us time.

In the first step, we would like to welcome founding members. Founding members or founding families make a contribution of 25,000 € to build the community and the healing and retreat center. Through the Healing and Retreat Center, we will be able to become financially independent.

It is also very important that you are in good physical, mental and emotional condition. We are still under construction and there is something to do in all corners and edges. That’s why we currently can not care for people who need special help or attention.

You must be willing to spend 4 hours a day building up the community for the first five years. How it will continue after the five years, we will decide together. Exemptions apply to pregnant women and mothers with babies.

It is also important that you can financially take care of yourself in the first few years.

We are looking for people who are doers and feel like carrying their work into the world and let us create this wonderful healing place for human and nature.

If you are interested in the community, but you are currently unable to work locally, then there is the possibility to buy into the community and to join at a later date. You can get an area of 2.000m² in a working community network for your future. However, you will not be involved in the gains from the healing center. However, you have the opportunity to participate in retreats, courses or similar and earn a living.

People who would like to live closer together can merge their parts.

Through this flexibility, we want to achieve different living concepts, so that we can respond to various needs.

What do we do with the revenue of the NatureVibes Village?

With the proceeds of our Healing and Retreat Center and the sale of surplus crops from our permaculture gardens, we want the natureVibes Village to be able to support itself and dedicate its task to preserving the rainforest and other destinations.

Excess income beyond self-preservation (as determined by an annual balance) of the NatureVibes Village flows to 50% in the realization of the NatureVibes Village and the other 50% are divided between the founders of the NatureVibes Village.

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So the NatureVibes Village can continue to grow, protect and reforest more rainforest, educate local people about permaculture and the importance of natural life, and help farmers transition to permaculture.

What does the NatureVibes Village offer founders?

Each founding family or each founder, who has contributed € 25,000 to the community, will receive 1 hectare of land for self sustainability. This country estate can be used by the family for life. The lifelong right of use is inheritable to biological and adopted children who have lived in the community for at least 5 years. It is important to us that the children have got to know our perception.

The land remains property of the NatureVibes Village and does not intend to divide or sell this land.

Anyone based on our mission statement can freely design their own family homestead and thus create their own home.

How are decisions made?

If there is no clear majority of at least 75%, alternative voting options, such as „systemic consensing“ will be used.

School / kindergarten?

There will be no school or kindergarten in the community. Rather, we want to create a place of learning and experience. It´s a place where both children and adults can be researchers again. We explore with curiosity things that interest us. As an inspiration, you can watch the following videos by André Stern.

We will provide various materials such as books, instruments, painting and craft utensils, as well as the appropriate environment to explore.

Each of us is an expert in his field. There are things we love to do and these are the things we can teach other people. That’s why we’re planning project weeks where the adults get involved and teach their skills to curious children and adults.

What do we want from NatureVibes Village members?

From the people in the NatureVibes Village, we want to actively and consciously participate in the goals of the community. We want to give people who want to live in community the opportunity to actively shape a community.

It is important to us that you know what you are good at and love or willing to try out and discover new things in order to find your passion and to be able to live.

Helpfulness is above all a very valued attribute. There will be work in every corner and it is important to recognize, communicate and work together.

The illusion that in the start-up phase we can only do what we love, we would like to take away from you. We believe that very few people like to clean compost toilets, wash clothes or dishes. However, through a fair sharing of tasks, we want to ensure that even unloved tasks can be done together in joy.

It does not always depend on what we do, but on what kind of consciousness we do it with.

You should be aware that a community builds up tasks where you can become dirty.

It is also important that a family member from each family participates in the common organization and voting process. Only in this way can we ensure that everyone’s wishes are respected.

Construction plan

In the first step we want to build the healing and retreat center. There will be 10-15 guest houses as well as a seminar place. In the same breath arises the restaurant, with which we serve our guests fully vegetable and industrial sugar-free food.

At the same time, a campsite for volunteers will be created and a kitchen will be created for them.

In the second step, we plan the construction of the village center with a community center in which a joint exchange as well as yoga, dance, and singing meetings can take place.

A communal kitchen is planned to make our time in the construction phase as efficient as possible.

There should be a place for handicraft and craft, so that we learn to sew, to make pottery, to do carpentry, etc …

For the children outside a place of movement will be created where they can climb, jump, swing, run and play.

A village shop will offer us the opportunity to trade and sell food and merchandise.

Here’s the link to our contact form.

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